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[Trio of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs] Learn about Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, how they work with livestock, their history and temperament and see our breeder's list.[Turkish stamp]

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are regarded as flock guardians of the mountain molossian-type by the FCI. Large, rugged and impressive, they possess great endurance and agility. These dogs are tall and powerful, yet not massive in build. This magnificent ancient working dog presents an impression of functional utility without exaggerated features. Large size is important, but correct breed type, soundness of movement, overall balance with correct temperament should be given precedence so as to preserve working ability.

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Looking for a Breeder?
Anatolian Litters, puppies, stud service, rescues, and
trained older dogs may be available.

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In Loving Memory — Kath Coniglio

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ASDI has a 2021 Calendar!!

2019 Calendar Cover

2020 Calendars are sold out, See our calendar page for more information on the 2021 calendar.

See how much our Calendars have raised for rescue.
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Interested in Anatolians?
See sample articles from our Newsletter, The Choban Chatter here!

If you are interested in a book about Anatolians
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Anatolian Booklets
Great for new puppy owners.

Do you need livestock guardian signs?
Livestock Guardian Dog Signs Available
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A puppy in Namibia adopted
by our Cheetah conservation project supporters

Sponsored Anatolian Puppy in Namibia. Cheetah Conservation Fund
See more information about our support of
Cheetah conservation at our sponsorship page!

You can help support this project
through the purchase of books...

Livestock Protection Dogs
Selection, Care and Training
Livestock Protection Dogs training book - Train your livestock guardian dog

Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack

Your book orders go forward toward SPONSORSHIP
of Anatolians in Cheetah conservation!
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To see the progress on this project, go HERE
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Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International Inc
OPPOSES Mandatory Spay and Neuter.

It contributes to rapid genetic bottlenecking
and loss of protective diversity
in genepools of rare breed dogs.

We opposed SB 250 as we did AB 1634 (California)
See our opposition letters
against Mandatory Spay and Neuter

Good intentions, without without accountability, hurts our pets.

Save Our Dogs, a grassroots effort to save working dogs from CA AB 1634, mandatory spay/neuter

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International, Inc.TM

ASDI, Inc., was founded in 1991 with the goal of preserving the Anatolian Shepherd Dog's working heritage and promoting sound breeding practices. Many people who are involved with the Anatolian were attracted by the breed's intelligence, working instincts, and temperament. While a dog with a sound structure of an identifiable breedtype is desired, selection of breeding stock on the basis of conformation titles alone is not. In fact, while some Anatolian Shepherd fanciers do enjoy showing their dogs (and a dog titled in both conformation and obedience is considered best), most Anatolians are used either for their original purpose as livestock guardians, or as family companions.
   ASDI, Inc., is known for its commitment to the education of members and others about the Anatolian Shepherd, attention to health issues , the quality of our newsletter, the Choban Chatter, and in working to better understand the Anatolian Shepherd's working behavior and to ensure successful performance of our dogs in their area of expertise. ASDI, Inc. is affiliated with the United Kennel Club, as their emphasis on the "total dog" parallels the emphasis on soundness, working ability, and intelligence which are the tenets upon which ASDI is founded. ASDI has generally felt that over-popularization of the breed and recognition by the AKC is not in the best interests of the breed. ASDI recognizes all color varieties of Anatolians, as well as imports, and seeks to preserve a strong genetic base for the future. The club and its members are dedicated to preserving the mental stability, soundness, and working ability of this majestic and noble animal.


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Join Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International
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There are many clubs for different reasons...

What makes ASDI different?

Your membership with ASDI helps support the future of the breed via...

  • The promotion of the ASDI Code of Ethics ~ our written standard since 1993 ~
  • The education of Anatolian owners and prospective owners.
    • Members agree to abide by the standards of the Code in order to join.
  • ASDI in its affiliation with UKC pays an annual fee to UKC in order to cover the expense of additional paperwork required in ensuring that health certification is provided with all registrations.
    • This requirement goes toward assuring that only dogs with at least a minimum standard health requirements are able to become breeding stock.
    • Your membership counts as a voice in the support of this registration requirement.
    • Your membership and other club activity fees help to ensure that this registration fee can be met each year.
    • If your goal is to achieve high standards of health in the breed, then do consider supporting ASDI.
    • As a member you also receive the Choban Chatter

ASDI imposes and enforces registration requirements
toward the goal of breeding Healthy Dogs!

  • Interested in supporting Anatolian Rescue? You can send a donation to the Anatolian Rescue effort when you join the ASDI. Let us know if you have other things that you would like to contribute (time, transportation, fostering, etc).

Your membership to the ASDI supports all these things and more.

See more information about joining at our CLUB link and application page

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Please visit our Choban Chatter Newsletter Supporting Businesses

Original Gifts from Turkey
for your special someone
Visit the facebook page of our long time supporter.
Andrea's page!
- Beautiful items from Turkey
- Directly from the Importer
- Decorative Turkish Spike Collar
- Leather Dog Collars with Kilim inset

- New selection of bead and leather collars made especially for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

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- We also have Leather and Kilim Wallets
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Turkish Spike Collar
Turkish Spike Collar

See our large selection of Turkish Spike Collars


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For more Info:

ASDI, Inc.
P.O. Box 154
Readville, MA 02137

or email the Club

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