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Purchase the latest revision of
Livestock Protection Dogs:
Selection Care and Training
by David Sims and Orysia Dawydiak

AND ..... support the Adoption of a Cheetah Conservation Fund Anatolian Shepherd at the same time!

UPDATE... see our CCF sponsorship page!

LPD Book - Livestock Guardian Dog Training Book - Sheep, Goats, other livestock trainingLIVESTOCK PROTECTION DOGS
Selection, Care and Training,
2nd Edition
by Orysia Dawydiak & David Sims

This is a complete revision of the very popular original edition of this book.


  • What a livestock protection dog can do
  • Selecting a puppy
  • Caring for your dog
  • Behavioral problems and solutions
  • Preparations for a family companion
  • Guarding unusual stock
  • Plus much more!!!


ISBN: 1-57779-062-6, Softcover, illustrated

ASDI is pleased to offer this new book not only at a reduced price, but also as a fundraiser for the CCF Livestock Guardian Dog Program.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Anatolian Guard Dog Adoption Program!

$500.00 will pay for the raising, feeding, and vaccinating of an Anatolian along with training for the farmer to whom the guard dog will be given.
(CCF Anatolian info
here & adoption info here - links open a new page)

Profits from sales of the book through the club  will be pooled toward the support of a sponsored Anatolian.

To see the progress on this project, go HERE

We have another book to support the fund:
Leader of the Pack book

Need signs around the farm? We also have working dog Farm Signs

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Selection, Care and Training,

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