Volunteer Needed:
Calendar Creator/Chairperson for Rescue Fund Calendar

Information shared by Kath Coniglio about some of her duties as our former Calendar Chairperson.

The calendar has a whole series of things that need to be done. Collecting the pictures is just the tip of the iceberg. During the years that I did the calendar, I made it a point to use as least one photo from each person that sent submissions. Often, this required finding a way to use 40 pictures! People send pictures from their cell phones - very small, poor quality. Others have humongous photos that are easily 6-7 mb. All need to be adjusted for use in one place or another and that is why I usually had 3 different sizes of pictures that I used. Again this part of the calendar is what I always called the fun part,except when people sent over 100 photos in one afternoon! Or, when they sent viruses along with their photos that didn't get caught by the multiple filters I use. Mostly, though, it was organizing tons of photos, getting the "call" name for the dog and the name and contact information for the people. That wasn't always an easy chore either!

But, in addition to dealing with usually about 500 photos and 30 - 50 people, you have to keep a data base of some kind so you know which pictures were used where - and to ensure everyone had a picture placed somewhere. Then, there is the database for all the orders - keeping the mailing address, email # of calendars each individual purchases and all the "special" instructions like people buying several calendars with some being sent to them and others to different addresses - there is a lot of work keeping all that straight. Then, from that, you have to comprise a mailing list and print the mailing labels. all pages of the calendar have to be put into a PDF format and saved on a portable card, cd - whatever. I always checked and re-checked each page and photo at least 3 times. Not just typos, but positioning, checking against the list of photos, making sure the photos print clearly, etc.

I had to find a local printer - take the files to them - go over the details of the order and once orders were closed - we would give them the total print order plus 10 extra (for the just in case of problems with delivery). The printer would do a proof - each page had to be checked yet again for clarity, position, etc. Once everything was tweaked to be sure it was as it should be - they would print off our copies. Then, I would have to check each calendar to ensure they had been cut properly with no white showing around the edges and that they were stapled properly and the holes punched. Some printers will do the mailing for an extra charge - the printers here locally do not - they all use sub-contractors and the cost was not reasonable for a non-profit organization. So, I purchased the water-proof envelopes, checked each order against the labels, learned just how many to send in the flat rate envelopes for the best profit, etc. and I stuffed all the envelopes. I then would make about 5 trips to the post office to mail the calendars. My local post office is a one employee, so 25 is about all that we could manage unless they just happened to NOT be busy and let's face it - around the holidays - the post offices are normally busy! Then, when we were reasonably sure that all calendars had been delivered, we would advertise the extra on a first come, first serve basis. This usually entailed me taking one or two to the post office at a time, as we sold them until all 10 were sold.

Let's see. I would purchase supplies - send the treasurer the receipt and get reimbursed. This would be for things like shipping labels, envelopes, printer ink and paper - I always tried to keep the cost as low as possible and often didn't send receipts for everything. Then, I could get an invoice and Holly would send a check to cover the printing costs. The postage - well, my post office doesn't take credit cards - I would have to pay by check and send a receipt for reimbursement. So all that had to be recorded and maintained as well.

The calendar is a lot of work for one person without help, but when we tried it with three of us - there were a lot of problems and just didn't work.

Now, I don't think you want to publish all this for a person to review that is thinking about the project, but it's definitely information they need to know. I've had a total of two people ask about the calendar and when I send this information - they don't want any part of it. I couldn't begin to tell you how much time it takes as things seem to go in spurts.

Oh, we also have people sending in orders by mail and through Pay Pal - I take care of the Pay Pal and will continue to do that since I process the orders for all our merchandise, dues, ads, etc. and see that the proper people are notified with the necessary information. So, the treasurer and I would be sending the person keeping the database all the order information.

I've tried to include as much information as necessary to understand the responsibility with this project. If anyone has questions, I'll gladly try to answer.


If you want to be our calendar artist email us.

Created on February 24, 2016