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UKC Event Information

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AKC Event Information

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UKC Event Information

UKC events are open to Anatolians all over the country. Look for local UKC all-breed and specialty clubs in your area (contact UKC). Let the local club directors know that you are interested in events for your Anatolian. Even if the breed club is for Toy Fox Terriers or another breed, they may be interested in hosting events for Anatolians. Also, it is very easy to start up a local UKC club and one can even start a local Anatolian club if there is enough interest in the area. Contact UKC for more information.

UKC Website
provides general information about United Kennel Club.

Basic information about UKC Conformation
conformation classes and point schedules for UKC Anatolians

Information about UKC Obedience
from remote site

General Agility Information

at the remote Dog Play Agility site

Contact UKC:

United Kennel Club, Inc.
100 East Kilgore Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49002-5584


AKC Events Calendar

American Kennel Club sponsors events open to AKC registerable Anatolians

Check out the AKC site


ARBA Events Calendar

American Rare Breed Association hosts events all over the United States. They do have a web page!

Visit the ARBA site for event information


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