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Livestock Guardian Dog signs available

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Nancy and BGCH Full Circle's Treasure IslandTemperament, conformation, movement, service, therapy, companionship and working dogs all in one package.

Welcome to

Full Circle Farm

We LOVE our Anatolians!  Visitors are welcome!

Full Circle Farm's first and foremost objective has always been carefully bred,
wonderful home companions; we are also happy when our placement homes decide to show! 
Written contracts provided.

AKC Breeder of Merit

Happy family companions are the backbone of our program!

Full Circle Farm

Full Circle's Isaret "Marky" CGC and Full Circle's Ashton

Silver Breeder of Merit Certificate
Standing at Stud
CH Full Circle's Arkadis

CH Full Circle's Arkadis
Briar Patch Full Circle's Grumpy x Island Farm's Center Stage
AKC #WS49257801
OFA: Hips #ANS-1906G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows #ANS-EL680M24-VPI
Thyroid Normal

CH Full Circle Farm's War Hero WLD
OFA Hips ANS-2564G24M-P-VPI
OFA Elbows ANS-EL1301M24-P-VPI
OFA Shoulder ANS-SH10M24-VPI

Contact Nancy Wargas for information — Visitors always welcome!
Call: (910) 422-9960 or Email:
298 Barker Road, Simpsonville, SC 29680
An AKC Breeder of Merit

Showcase: GCHS CH Full Circle's Treasure Island

AKC Silver Grand Champion ~ ASDCA Silver Guardian
First owner handler group one ~ BISS (Best in Specialty Show) winner

Treasure at her first show
Treasure winning BoB at her first show

Treasure in 2014
Treasure winning Variety Group First at Myrtle Beach in 2014

Treasure's Silver Guardian Certificate
Treasure's Silver GCH Certificate

CH Full Circle's Treasure Island
BISS Horizon's Zafer x Full Circle's Nimet
AKC WS40599305
OFA Hips: ANS-1674G24F-VPI
OFA Elbows: ANS-EL497F24-VPI
Thyroid Normal
Looking forward to more beautiful litters with these boys...
CH Full Circle's Spirit of Vodun Manny - head shot

CH Full Circle's Spirit of Vodun "Manny"
Aegean's Duke of Milos x Full Circle's Erin Ann
AKC #WS46546004
OFA: Hips #ANS-1846G26M-VPI
OFA Elbows #ANS-EL631M26-VPI
OFA Thyroid #ANS-TH178/26M-PI

CH Full Circle's Arkadis Arkadis

CH Full Circle's Arkadis
Briar Patch Full Circle's Grumpy x Island Farm's Center Stage
AKC #WS49257801
OFA: Hips #ANS-1906G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows #ANS-EL680M24-VPI
Thyroid Normal

Contact us for information
Inquiries always welcome!

Call: (910) 422-9960
An AKC Breeder of Merit

Bred for Temperament

Treasure Island says Hi to Baby Sundown Loved Kids Indy, Therapy Dog, at the Library Sasquatch and his Buddy, Rainbow Kitty

Bred for Working

Erin Ann Working With Goats Marky & Konya with Cattle Erin Ann Teaches the Puppies Tammy Lynn Loved Her Sheep

Bred for Conformation

BISS Silver GCH Birinci's Pied Piper Goes Full Circle

BISS Silver Grand Champion
Birinci's Piedpiper Goes Full Circle
2012-2013 BISS ASD National Specialty
2013 Westminster KC Best of Breed

Owners Jaff Hahn and Nancy Wargas
Judge D. R. Holloway
Ch Full Circle's Sasquatch x
Ch Birinci's Green Eggs And Ham

Bronze GCH Full Circle Erin Ann
Bronze Grand Champion
Full Circle's Erin Ann
2011 Eukanuba Best Bred By Exhibitor
and 1st Award of Excellence
Bred, loved, & shown by Nancy Wargas
Judge Mr. Eric J. Ringle
Full Circle's Sasquatch x Full Circle's Kutle Kume see
AKC video @ 2:44 minutes

GCH Full Circle's Treasure Island

Grand Champion
Full Circle's Treasure Island
2013 Myrtle Beach KC Best of Breed
Owner Nancy Wargas and Debi Grunnah
Judge C. L. Ovis
Ch Horizon's Zafer x Full Circle's Nimet

CH Full Circle's Ataturk

Champion Full Circle's Ataturk
2011 Best of Breed, Salisbury KC
Owner Russell Barlow
Judge Debra Thornton
Full Circle's Sasquatch x
Tamoora's Tam Camia

CH Full Circle's Johanna

Champion Full Circle's Johanna
2011 Best of Breed, Charleston KC
Owners Nancy Wargas and Deborah Ayala
Judge Dana Cline
Full Circle's Isaret x Croft's Layla

CH Full Circle's Gideon

Champion Full Circle's Gideon
2013 Best Opposite Sex, Moore County KC

Owner/Breeders N. Wargas & Debi Grunnah
Judge Richard Beauchamp
Full Circle's Sasquatch x
Island Farm's Center Stage

CH Full Circle's Sasquatch
Champion Full Circle's Sasquatch
2009 Wilmington NC
Group 4 Placement
Owners Ken and Nancy Wargas
Judge Col. Purkhiser
Full Circle Isaret x Tamoora's Tam Camia

Full Circle's April Showers

Full Circle's April Showers
2011 EUKANUBA Best Opposite Sex
2010 Westminster Best Opposite Sex
Owners Nancy Wargas & Jacqueline Plank
Judge Eric J. Ringle
Full Circle Isaret x Briarpatch Dallas

CH Full Circles Teselli

Champion Full Circle's Teselli
2008 BOS Atlanta GA,
Anatolian National Specialty
Owners Ken and Nancy Wargas
Judge Mrs Dorothy N Collier
Full Circle's Maxwell Tortoo x
Briarpatch Dallas

Full Circle's History

Full Circle Isaret "Marky" x Tamoora's Tam Camia "Tammy Lynn"

Ken Wargas and Sasquatch
Ch Full Circle's Sasquatch,
Certified Service Dog
Nancy Wargas and Sasquatch Sasquatch and Tessie 2007
Ch Full Circle's Sasquatch
and Ch Full Circle's Teselli


Marky and Tammy Lynn

Tammy Lynn

 Full Circle Isaret "Marky"
Tac's Toraman of Fox Meadow x
Sundown of Full Circle
OFA Hips ANS-773G26M
Marky and Tammy Lynn Tamoora's Tam Camia "Tammy Lynn"
Alaturka's Kafadar of Tamoora x
Sakarya's Col Firtina
 Marky, Therapy Dog with Delta Society
Marky, Certified Therapy Dog
Tammy Lynn
Tammy Lynn
Ken Wargas and Marky 2004 Marky, Therapy Dog Marky with Kids Tammy Lynn the Lap Dog
Sundown of Full Circle Briar Patch Dallas & Full Circle's Maxwell Tortoo
Sundown in the Grass
Marky and Maxwell's mother
Full Circle's Foundation Dam
Full Circle's Maxwell and Briar Patch Dallas
Briar Patch Dallas
Briar Patch Chase x
Night Watch's Dakota
Full Circle's Maxwell Tortoo
Tac's Toraman of Fox Meadow x
Sundown of Full Circle
Marky's Grandfather - A Working Dog in Turkey Marky and Max's Pedigree

Marky's Grandfather in Turkey

Marky's Grandfather in Turkey


GS:  Tac's Palak II

Tac's Palak I

Sire:  Tac's Toraman
     of Fox Meadow

---------- sire line ---------- (import)




GD:  Tac's Karabas


---------- UKC & AKC Registered ----------

GS:  Van Dort's Utah
     of Clear Creek

Sakarya's Raca
Arkadas Cici

Dam:  Sundown
     of Full Circle

---------- dam line ----------


GD:  Root's Lady Yaz

Breezy Way's Hurriet Bey
Kaya Asina Samora


Sasquatch & Erin Ann
Erin Ann & Sasquatch
Full Circle Farm

Nancy Wargas
298 Barker Road
Simpsonville, SC 29680
(910) 258-2972


  Treasure Island and Gideon
Treasure Island & Gideon

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