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Notes from our Rescue Coordinator

I am asking for volunteers to assist in ASDI's Anatolian Rescue efforts. I am compiling a list of people to aid Anatolians in emergency situations throughout the United States, Canada, and possibly Mexico, as well as a list of people who are willing to provide foster homes while we are waiting for appropriate placements.

I propose the following definitions for dogs needing homes:

A dog, which is in immediate danger of losing their life. Most of these dogs are in pounds or animal shelters. It is my goal to place these dogs in foster homes within 24 hours of initial notification.
A dog whose current owner needs to place but is willing to keep the dog for a period of time to allow us to help find a new home. The current owner makes the final decision about who takes this dog.
Dogs who have been returned to their breeder. The breeder is seeking a home for the dog. The breeder will keep the dog until a suitable home is found.

These definitions will be used to determine the urgency of a situation.

All dogs needing placements will be listed in the newsletter and on our web page. A list will be forwarded to any inquiries about available rescue dogs. It is my goal to represent these dogs as accurately as possible so that we may achieve a high percentage of successful placements.

For this goal to be met, I need lots of help. I need to know who is willing to help and what areas they are ready, willing, and able to assist with. I am currently writing up more information: however, I have been receiving calls and need foster homes as soon as possible! I recommend that anyone taking in a rescue isolate it for AT LEAST one week in case it is harboring any infectious diseases that are not immediately apparent.

Occasionally, we require assistance transporting a dog to and from foster homes.

If you think you might be able to assist in this important program, please send me your name, phone number, address and areas in which you are willing to help. I realize there may be circumstances, which arise unexpectedly that may prevent you from participating in a rescue. By signing up, you are not obligated to do anything.

Hopefully, I will not be calling people very often; but in the event of an emergency, I need volunteers from all over who can act quickly.

If you are kind enough to foster a rescue and discover you cannot deal with it, I will do my best to get it out of your house within a day. However; it may take longer.

Pam Kernan [ Anatolian Rescue Resources ]


Waxahachie, TX
(972) 938-8057

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