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The 1998 ASDI Specialty

by Linda Curran
As originally published in

Choban Chatter Volume 8
Issues 2 & 3 Fall/Winter 1998

The last thing I expected when I chose my first Anatolian puppy, Huzur’s Cassanova, was that we would be the proud winners of the 1998 ASDI National Specialty in Orlando, Florida.

My primary intention with Cass was to own a working livestock guardian dog to watch over our farm and livestock, which includes miniature dairy goats, miniature sheep, horses, and poultry. I was delighted to find an available litter nearby in Florida. His breeders, Bob and Betty Hayward, encouraged me to show Cass, and offered to give me some pointers since I was inexperienced at dog showing. I was willing to learn, and it sounded like a fun challenge, so we were soon on our way. Our first show was a success. At five months of age, I entered Cass in the puppy class at his first UKC show and we won first place. Over the course of the next six months, we attended as many shows as possible, winning some, losing some, and he eventually earned his UKC Championship on the weekend of his first birthday.

I was thrilled to hear that the ASDI National Specialty would be held in Orlando, Fl. Cass would be 18 months old at the time. I looked forward to meeting other owners and seeing the variety of Anatolians that this show would attract. As promised, there were Anatolians from all over the country, in a striking array of white, pinto, fawn and brindle, coats of all varieties, and all sizes. The morning UKC show looked promising as we won the Champion of Champions Class, but we were defeated for Best of Breed by a handsome older male. I was thrilled; as this gave Cass his first win towards his Grand Championship.

Finally afternoon rolled around and it was time for the Specialty. We had several hours between the morning and afternoon shows, so everyone had the opportunity to socialize and meet each other’s dogs, while excitement built for the big event. We were to show under Judge Walter Pasko. We entered when they called our class and waited anxiously for the results. The judge picked Cass, making this our second Champion of Champions win for the day, and we were presented with a beautiful plate from Turkey. I was barely over the excitement when it was time to reenter the ring for the ASDI Best of Breed class, the grand finale we all waited for! It seemed like an eternity as the judge examined the dogs for one last time before making the final decision. What a feeling when the judge pointed at Cass and me! It took me a few seconds to realize that we were really the winners. I was floating on air as I was presented with the Best of Breed ribbon, another lovely plate from Turkey, and the honored ASDI trophy. I felt it was quite an accomplishment, especially considering the quality of the competition present.

It was a pleasure to meet all the other Anatolian owners who attended the show. I’d like to thank Walter Pasko for selecting Cass, and thank those that worked so hard to make the show possible.


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