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Becoming a Listed COE Breeder
COE breeder privileges

To advertise a litter or stud services in Choban Chatter Club membership is required. Once you are a club member, you do not have to be a member of COE to advertise a litter in the newsletter but COE support gives you the additional perk of Web Services.  FORMS are at bottom of the page.

How to get your webpage listedTo join the Code of Ethics breeders list, you must first be a member of the ASDI in good standing for a probationary period of one full year (12 months) and maintain good standing as a member. When joining the club you agree to abide by the Club's Code of Ethics and By-Laws but by joining the COE group, your additional fee not only supports the publication of the newsletter but you will also get to have a page on the ASDI website.

Once you join COE - your COE dues AND your club dues become due at the end of each calendar year. Most breeders do not have a litter every year but may still want to show their support for the newsletter and the Code of Ethics. The Webmaster of the ASDI site encourages maintaining year-round COE status. The Webmaster volunteers time and provides the perk of year-round Web Services to COE supporters in good standing.

When you begin breeding your dogs you will find several advantages in being a COE breeder in good standing.This costs an extra fee but offers a number of advantages which include:

  1. A breeders listing on the Breeders information handout in the breed/club information packette which is mailed to inquires made of the club.
  2. Discount on full page advertising in the club newsletter.
    • With a newsletter ad: You automatically get a web page on the club website. This can be updated with new photos and ad materials periodically. Web advertising runs for at least 4 months or until the next newsletter comes out. Your COE advertising helps to educate and promote responsible breeding. Maintaining an ad in the newsletter all year keeps your webpage online and improves your search rankings online.
      • Requirements: Your ads announcing litters, breedings and stud services must include-
        • Registered names of Sire and Dam
        • OFA numbers (as a COE breeder you set an example)
        • Some pedigree info (registered name of sire and dam for each parent)
  3. You get two copies of the club newsletter automatically, instead of just one.
  4. Your COE Breeder status is listed on the club webpage and links go from the home page of ASDI to the COE listing
    • If you have a current newsletter ad, your web listing from the COE page goes directly to your FREE web page.
    • If you did not have a current advertisement in the newsletter, for the same rate as a full page ad, you can still have one on the club web page.
  5. If you have internet services and an email address, you are automatically added to the club mailing list. This consists of all email that is sent to the club; regarding breed information inquiries, potential puppy reservations inquiries, and any requests for training information needed.

It is important to understand that Web Services for the COE members are considered a perk for remaining in good standing with COE year after year. Thus once you join (any time of the year) - if the COE fee lapses at the end of a calendar year, all web advertising perks for the following year also lapse until after the publication of the next newsletter issue in which you are back in good standing. 

It is strongly recommended that if you do have plans to breed a litter, that you set up your network with the COE listing as soon as possible to secure early reservations with potential puppy buyers. Do prepare a written contract and follow the Code of Ethics recommendations as closely as possible.

To join the COE breeders, be sure to have your standard membership to the club in good standing
                 and submit the COE Application form to ASDI for consideration  to be part of the COE list.

ASDI, Inc./ COE Breeders
PO Box 154
Readville, MA 02137

Club membership renewal form is found here.

COE Application is here  
(NEW members do NOT qualify for consideration for the Breeder's List)

Code of Ethics is listed here.

Bylaws listed here.

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