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While the majority of Anatolians are fawn with black masks, the pictures of Anatolians on this page are just here to be enjoyed and are not intended to represent any statistical population.

[Gus 'n' calf]Gus with his calves. "Kasirga's Cochise of Shaman" owned by Mary and Onan Whitcomb.
[Three beauties]Sitting pretty. "Masallah Cicek Inci" - 2 yrs, fem. (owner: Irma Balazs), "Masallah Kadir Arkadas" 16 mon. male (owner: Kristina Henneman), and "Maranda's Kodaman" 2 yrs, male (owner: Cathy Dolan).
[Child laying on Dog]A warm furry pillow. Small child lying on "Maranda's Canavar", owned by Jack Metzner in Maryland.
[Goats and Puppy]Kasif with the goats - owned by Laura Stewart.
[Reclining Anatolian]Looking Handsome. "Maranda's Gunther", owned by Connie Bright.
[Donkey and friends]Kali and mini donkey - owned by Barbara Burton.
[Cute pup]"Destan's Kali" at 8 weeks - owner: Barbara Burton.
[Two ASDs]"Shu-Shu" lying down, "Khara" sitting - owned by Holly & Henry Ballester.
[Cute Pup]Sitting Pretty. "Shahbazin Ayi Sim" at around 4 months - owner Jennifer Floyd.
[Head Study]Head study of "Kasirga's Ten Bears of Shaman".
[Laid Back]Spud "Ten Bears" in command.
[Minis and Dogs]Kucuk, Jax, and Hakim with their miniature horses - owned by Cindy Keller.
[Proud Friend]Turkey and friend. "Maranda's Saz Mevlana", now owned by Bob & Bety Hayward.
[Handsome face]"Max" owned by Mike Flynn.
[In the Pool]Cooling off. Hanna with Blue Heeler pup, Angel - owned by Nancy Fielder.
[Agility Work]Agility Dog. "Ten Bears" showing his style.

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