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UKC Conformation

Point Schedule for Anatolians


Points Awarded for win

Puppy (6 mo. and < 1 yr.)


Junior (1 yr. and < 2 yr.)


Senior (2 yr. and < 3 yr.)


Veteran (3 yr. and up)


Best Male


Best Female


Best of Winners


Order of Judging

  1. Males precede Females

  2. Puppy, Junior, Senior, Veteran

  3. Best Male, after male classes; Best Female, after female classes

  4. Best of Winners, Champion of Champions

  5. Grand Champion, Best of Breed

Procedure to attain Championship (CH):

  • Must have a minimum of one hundred (100) U.K.C. points

  • Must have shown and acquired Championship points under at least three (3) different U.K.C. licensed judges.

  • Must have won two (2) Best Males/Best Females with Competition, under two (2) different judges.

Procedure to attain Grand Championship (GR CH):

  • Must win five (5) Champion of Champions classes with Competition.

  • In at least five (5) different U.K.C. licensed shows.

  • Under three (3) different U.K.C. licensed judges.

*This chart is adapted from the 1997 Official U.K.C. Rules and Regulations. It features all the rules and regulations for UKC events including Agility, Conformation and Obedience. For a single copy, write UKC and enclose $4.50.

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